Sensory South West can offer a wide range of consultations. If you are interested in building a bespoke consultation then please get in contact, we would be happy to help. This is for professionals as well as families. 

Environment Audits 

A bespoke environmental audit, complete with report and recommendations to help create sensory rich environments for individuals with additional needs. 


Environment Audits

This audit itself will take a few hours depending on the size of the environment you wish to be audited. A full report will be completed and shared with yourselves. This will highlight areas that are already positive rich sensory areas as well as recommendations on how to improve areas that are not so sensory rich. 

Family Home 

This audit can be helpful if an individual has sensory needs and the family wish for some guidance on how they can create sensory rich environments to meet the individual needs

Advice and guidance will be given to the the family once the audit is completed. 


This audit is versatile and can be completed in a specific room, or outside depending on the service. A report will be composed and shared this will include advice and guidance on what can be added to the service to improve sensory outcomes. 

Children's home 

A full homes audit will take place. A report will be written and shared with the home manager, the RI and if appropriate the social worker. 

Recommendations will be included in the report. The home manager will have a copy of these and phone guidance for 1 month afterwards if they wish. 

A child does not need to have a diagnose to benefit from these audits. 


We can offer anything from awareness training to ensure all attend have a good knowledge of the subject area through to bespoke training based on individuals needs. We offer training to services such as schools, children homes, youth clubs, hospitals and any other services that wishes to learn about the subject areas. We can also hold workshops for families with individuals that have autism or sensory processing disorder. 


Workshops can be built around your needs, if you wish to learn a little about each area or focus on a specific topic then this is something that we can accommodate. 

Autism workshop

This course is for people and individuals that wish to learn more about autism, think creatively in order to support people with autism to learn and develop as well as understanding the challenges they face. 

Sensory Processing workshop

This course is very hands on and practical to ensure learners can have memorable experience that will aid practice going forward. 

Social Stories workshop

If you wish to learn how social stories can help individuals, learn how to successfully deliver social stories and how these can benefit individuals then this is the course for you. 

GSA Training 

Physical Intervention, Breakaway and behaviour management training. 

I am a qualified GSA Grade A tutor therefore I am able to create and teach bespoke courses focusing on 3 main areas. 

1 - Behaviour Management 

2 -Safe Breakaway Techniques 

3 - Physical intervention. 


If you would like to learn more about this training please get in touch. 



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