Environment Audits


Environment audits are completed in order to gain further understanding of how a child with additional needs interprets the environment they are in, during the audit we look at areas of the home and explore the impact this could have.. Environment audits can benefit a young person in emotional regulation and wellbeing as well as helping them sensory wise to be more or less responsive depending on what the need is. Sensory needs being met hugely helps development. Depending on the package that you choose depends on the length of the audit usually they range from 5 - 10 hours. 

"We think of our eyes as video cameras and our brains as blank tapes to be filled with sensory inputs" Michael Shermer

Environment 1

Visit to the home environment and undertake the audit with yourself. After I have completed the audit we will sit and discuss findings, with reasons and recommendations. You are welcome to take notes. 



Environment 2

Observation of how you use the environment- For example if a child has a specific time of the day / routine that they often become distressed and deregulated I can observe this. As part of the package I will carry out an environmental audit and discuss findings with yourselves. 


Environment 3

Complete observation and audit (package 2) and write a detailed report that will be with you in 5 days of the audit taking place.

This includes a phone call to discuss anything further. 




I will spend a day with yourselves and the child in the environment to explore the child's sensory needs and create a bespoke sensory plan for the child as well as completing a sensory audit of the home. 

Sometimes it is best if this is completed over 2 days. 


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Package 1 

Hands on workshop for the team to raise awareness and understand the importance of the environment for children. 

Package 2

Consultation with the home manager and Deputy to discuss sensory needs and how this can be implemented into the home. 

Package 3

Consultation with the home manager prior to completing a environment audit. Report will be with the home manager within 5 days and a follow up call to discuss findings.