A consultation can help others to gain insight, spark creativity and help develop knowledge. Depending on what you want from a consultation will depend on how they are delivered. If you are interested in consultation please get in contact and we can discuss this in further detail. 

"In sleep, we leave behind the sensory stimulation of the outside world." Siri Hustvedt


These consultations are for family or friends of individuals. 

We are able to offer online or face to face consultations with families. The consultations can be on various areas such as ADHD, Autism, OCD, Mental health, Self Injury and Sensory Processing Disorders. Theses consultations vary in length depending on the depth you wish to cover. The consultation can be tailored to a specific child. 

Children's Homes

For professionals working within children homes

The consultation can focus on a specific area such as care planning, progress monitoring, environments and child's needs and risk assessments around them.  


All staff within the educational setting. 

We can look at a range of topics such as 

- how to improve focus for children

- mental health support 

- SEN needs and how to meet these.