A bit about me...

I have been within Children's Social care for 11 years and counting! Within these 11 years I have supported children and young people with a wide range of needs. Over this time I have been able to develop in specialist areas, these are Autism, challenging behaviour and Sensory processing disorders. Often all 3 are linked. 

I created Sensory Southwest to help services such as children homes, schools, hospitals and youth clubs develop a greater awareness of the impact autism and sensory processing have on young people. I also want to help families learn and ensure sensory processing disorder if not missed when it comes to diagnose. 

I have an enhanced DBS and this is on the update service. I also have a wide range of qualifications and a full portfolio is available on request.

- Leadership and Management-  level 5 Diploma

-Young peoples workforce development - Level 3 Diploma

-Childcare, learning and development level 3  Diploma

- Counselling Skills - Level 2 Diploma 

-Understanding Autism - Level 2 Diploma

-Safeguarding Level 3 &5 

-British Sign Language level 1 and 2 


-Communication and Sensory Processing disorders. 

-Complex Trauma 

- Challenging Behaviour 


"Our brain is mapping the world. Often that map is distorted, but it's a map with constant immediate sensory input." E. O. Wilson

Our Philosophy

"I wouldn't change you for the world but I would change the world for you" 

I have always had a keen passion in raising awareness in areas linked with autism and sensory processing disorder. I want to raise awareness and help young people to thrive in environments and help families and professionals to understand the reasonings behind behaviours, what the diagnosis means and how best to support individuals. 


I am an experienced children homes manager and have been working within social care for 11 years. I have a good knowledge of the Children's regulations 2015, Quality Standards and have experience in leading various OFSTED inspections. 

I am aware of the support networks available for children living within children homes, however I am also aware of the waiting times, resources and the need for further support at times. 

This is part of the reason for creating Sensory South West, I wish to raise the profile of sensory needs and ensure children have environments that they can thrive in. Children do not need to have a diagnosis for this services. 

I am able to conduct workshops for teams, environment audits, sensory box's for children homes. Recommendations for inside and outside environments to ensure they are sensory rich environments. I am also able to provide consultations regarding care planning, sensory care plans and communication plans. 


I have a keen passion in wishing to raise the profile of sensory needs and ensure children have an environment they can thrive in. 

I can offer workshops for family and friends that wish to learn more about autism, communication and sensory processing disorders. 

I am able to create bespoke sensory items for the child based on needs. 

Please get in contact if you wish to learn more about autism or sensory processing disorder. 

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